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Harlie Lapis Legit has been established since 2005.

We specialize only in layer cakes. That’s all. Yet they are a marvel of ingenuity and simplicity.


We are dedicated to serving only the most delicious and high-quality layer cakes to our valued customers.

Using Wisjman’s Butter and other premium ingredients, our layer cakes are only made to order and are therefore, freshly baked.


In the hands of our skilled bakers, precise baking produces a smooth texture along with neat lines in every layer.

They are bound together with impeccable attention to detail, commitment to service, and above all, enjoyment of good food.


Harlie’s layer cakes are great as a delicious present for your loved ones, a tasteful gift for important business associates, or a divine indulgence for yourself.


Our variety will not only bring delight to every occasion, but will also allure and satisfy each unique self, leaving you craving for more.

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